La Manga Weather

The weather at La Manga Club Resort is phenomenal, holding an average annual temperature of approximately 19.3 degrees Celsius. Residents enjoy over 2,800 hours of scorching sunshine each and every year making it a popular tourist destination. Many people actually emigrate from the United Kingdom to enjoy the excellent La Manga weather throughout the year.

This page will provide you with all the information you need regarding all aspects of the weather at La Manga Club Resort.
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What’s the Weather Like at La Manga Throughout the Year?

Summer Weather: June, July & August

During the summer months the weather at La Manga Club is extremely hot with very little rainfall. Some years there is absolutely no rain with temperatures often rising to over 35 degrees Celsius. On average you can expect anywhere between 25 and 35 degrees so it’s definitely a very pleasant climate. At night the temperature drops but rarely goes anywhere below 15 degrees which can seriously frustrate your sleeping patterns. If you are travelling from a Northern European country it’s a good idea to switch on the air conditioning or make sure you at least have a fan in your room.

In August the weather in La Manga can be pretty unbearable with temperatures sometimes rocketing above 40 degrees Celsius. However there is often a cooling breeze from the sea to cool you down, although the breeze is welcome, it can be deceiving and make you forget how hot it actually is. It is recommended to always wear a decent sun cream in the afternoon, especially if you’re on the beach as the humidity levels are pretty low.

Winter Weather: December, January & February

La Manga weather during the winter months can be very mild when compared to that of Northern European countries. Most of the winter days are clear with lots of sun and little rainfall, however the temperatures can vary greatly being quite cold one day while hot the next. You should expect it to be roughly 20 degrees Celsius most days, however it can certainly drop as low as 6 degrees. Even when it’s cold at La Manga, the sky often remains clear.

If you’re planning on visiting La Manga Club during the winter season then you should make sure your accommodation has some type of heating. Most properties in Spain are designed to stay cool during the summer which means they can be really cold in the winter as they’re generally not well insulated. You don’t want to end up freezing in the middle of the night so make sure your holiday villa or apartment is equipped with adequate central heating.

It doesn’t rain much in the winter at La Manga Club resort but November is known to be the wettest month of the year. While there is very little rainfall during most of the year there is one famous exception known as “Gota Fria“. This is when the temperature suddenly plummets causing extreme flooding and torrential rain. Hopefully you’re not unfortunate enough to experience this phenomenon as it could ruin your visit to La Manga.

Climate & Temperatures as a whole

The World Health Organization (WHO) has described La Manga’s climate as being one of the best in the world, thanks to the combination of Mediterranean sunshine and cooling sea breeze. The summers in La Manga are scorching hot, perfect for relaxing or to enjoy the resorts many exemplary sporting facilities. The winter season also enjoys many beautiful days with clear blue skies while temperatures are often not too low. Research has shown that the La Manga weather and climate is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and that’s why lots of pensioners decide to live out their retirement there.

There are too many people confused about the differences between climate and weather. The climate is based on a long term measurement of La Manga weather with data being gathered from radar, satellites, charts and meteorological equipment. On the other hand the weather is classed as a short-term snapshot as it can change dramatically day by day. If you’re planning on living out at La Manga Club, it’s a good idea to know the climate as it will have an effect on your life. Overall it’s sunny and pleasant throughout the year and as the World Health Organization has reported – it is one of the best climates in the world.