Vrbo Lettings at La Manga Club

(Please note that HomeAway is now called Vrbo)

Vrbo currently offers a selection of independently owned holiday rental accommodation including 76 villas, 63 apartments, 4 Bungalows and 3 Townhouses on La Manga Club Resort. Accommodation may be booked directly from the owner or the owner’s property manager from a weekend break to a long-term letting agreement.

Holiday Rental Accommodation at La Manga Club Resort *

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Albatros (4)
Bellaluz (9)
Buena Vista (7)
El Coto del Golf (2)
El Forestal (1)
El Mirador del Mar (1)
El Pinar (1)
El Rancho (11)
Golf Bungalows (1)
Individual villas (9)
La Cala Cove (0)
La Colina (3)
La Hacienda del Golf (2)
La Quinta (0)
Las Brisas (0)

Las Higueras (1)
Las Mimosas (2)
Las Palmeras (7)
Las Palmitas (2)
Las Rienas (1)
Los Altos (7)
Los Belones (2)
Los Miradores (1)
Los Molinos (6)
Los Naranjos (2)
Los Olivos (15)
Monte Claro (0)
Montemares (2)
Monte Verde (1)
Portman (0)


* Please be aware that the links to the Vrbo website are provided as a guide only and that the accuracy of the information provided is beyond our editorial control. For example, we have found that some La Manga Club properties are listed under incorrect location headings, we therefore advise that potential customers re-check all provided information with the property owners or property managers before making a booking.