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Airport Parking

Suitcase airport parkingThere are lots of things to plan and arrange when booking a holiday or business trip to La Manga Club Resort. Flights and accommodation are obviously key, but the extras are just as important and can sometimes take a lot of time and thought to arrange. One such extra is airport parking.

Quality, secured airport parking from only £2.99 per day.

Struggling with luggage on buses and trains or paying a fortune for a private minibus is guaranteed to get your trip to La Manga Club off to a bad start. You might think you have no alternative; after all, airport parking is hardly known for being cheap.

Surprisingly, it can be cheap. How does £2.99 per day, or £23.92 per week sound? That’s the price you’ll get when you book in advance with market leaders Holiday Extras It is quick, easy and secure to book online: 6 million customers (so far) would agree. Parking is secure, meaning that you can relax on holiday, knowing that your car will still be there, as you left it, on your return.

Using an airport hotel has the added bonus of allowing you extra time to make your flight without worrying about getting stuck in traffic or diversions through roadworks on the way.

Safe, secure and convenient airport parking doesn’t have to be expensive and takes the hassle and stress out of the start of your holiday to La Manga Club Resort.

With prices available to suit your budget, airport parking is an affordable and stress-free solution to reaching your flight on time.

Choose from several secured airport parking options including:

  • meet-and-greet,
  • park and ride,
  • valet parking,
  • staying at an airport hotel with parking included.